Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Adam salutes his cousin Curtis.

Some days I have nothing to say but a few smiley faces and ...s, today is a little different.

I was sent to photograph a group of boys scouts putting American flags on Veterans' graves in Catonsville, MD. I got to the assignment way too early which I sort of huffed and puffed about. While waiting for people to start showing up, I noticed a single boy scout and his father on the opposite side of the cemetery. I casually started to walk over when I saw the little boy stand up and salute a grave. I could not believe it and quick shot two frames. I usually like to ask permission first in situations like this but instincts kicked in. After talking to Adam and his father, it turns out that they got there early so they could ensure that Adam was the boy scout to put an American flag on his cousin's grave. This past February Adam's cousin, Curtis, was murdered in Japan while serving in the Air Force.

This was one of those photographs that I will always remember. Thank you to those who serve and to the families who love them.


bsharp said...

great shot, jen. and touching story behind it. did the reporter get there in time? shows it pays to get there early :) we miss you here!

jenrynda said...

Thanks so much Sharp. I did give the reporter the heads up, not sure what ended up happening with the story. I miss you guys too!!!

Will said...

Very sweet photo Jen.

"D" said...

Nice shot.

Amanda Hall said...

Great shot Jen.